Does My Criminal History Impact My Ability To Bail

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Many people assume that bail is automatically granted after an arrest. These same people believe that while bail may be higher for some than for others, everyone will receive the option to be released from jail. That simply isn’t the case.

The truth is that while bail is commonly granted, there are times when a judge will decide to deny bail. When this happens, the defendant has no choice but to remain in jail until the conclusion of their case. While there are a few reasons why a judge will decide to deny bail, one of the most common is the defendant’s criminal history. In most cases, a person with no criminal history can go into an arraignment feeling confident that bail will be granted. The same thing isn’t true for someone with an extensive criminal history, particularly if that person has a history of failing to appear in court, breaking the law while out on bail, or ignoring bail restrictions.

If you have any type of criminal history and are worried that it will impact your ability to be granted bail, it’s in your best interest to find a criminal defense lawyer who can help you show the judge that even though you have a history, you have no intention of doing anything wrong between now and the conclusion of your case and that they should grant bail. Since arraignments occur within 48 hours of your arrest, you must act quickly.

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